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A Night Of Poetry with Nana Asaase

A Night Of Poetry with Nana Asaase

The evening began with the usual chit chats as we waited for the program to begin. Over delicious snacks and soft drinks, people bonded, created significant networks and made a couple of new friends. It is much needed after a stressful month. There’s a need to relax and just enjoy the peaceful scenery amidst brief moments of laughter and giggles. Once all was settled, Nana Asaase took to the stage.

His opening line was ‘finding my voice’ and that began a refreshing experience. He began by recounting some fond memories from his childhood that has shaped his life. He reminisced on good old days where he and his friends in the neighborhood would wake up at dawn just to play “Stay”, an indigenous Ghanaian game.

That, he referred to as “The Joy of communal living”. He lamented on how the youth of today have lost their identity due to the influx of the western culture and lack of elderly advice to ensure upright living.

He made mention of the impact of his family in his life. He never forgot his Father’s saying “Live like a saint, think like a criminal”. That drove him to push for success. Nana Asaase always appeared calm and collected on the outside but had a very adventurous and persevering heart to push for excellence at all times. His daring nature caused his friends to label him as “Too known”.

Finally he developed a voracious appetite for reading. This led him to quench his curiosity with an unending log of books. His desire was to fill his mind with the fascinations of the world which he only found in books.

With time he realized his deep interest in languages and a need to understand in-depth the true essence of language and so he plunged deeper and developed an undying love for arts.

This is to mention a few life changing moments that has led to the Poet that we have all come to know and love as Nana Asaase. His words sums it up “I found direction listening to historical truths”.

It was an interesting night filled with the wonders of arts and the beauty of enchanting words. Nana Asaase is indeed a great Poet. The night wouldn’t have been complete without a breath taking performance of his beautiful poem about the Ghanaian woman.

The keynote for the night was that Poetry is a skill that is important for; Corrective Measures within a community, Entertainment and Relaxation, Celebrate People, Confront issues of National Importance, Social Commentary, Academic Purposes, Preserve Culture and History.

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