Junior Academy is Back! Enroll your child today! – DreamOval Foundation

Junior Academy is Back! Enroll your child today!

Junior Academy is Back! Enroll your child today!


We kept silent about our many learning and fun exploits from last year’s Junior Academy. We won’t repeat same this year! We are too excited to keep quiet.

The foundation had eight Saturdays of pure code and unadulterated fun. With four teachers and fourteen students last year, we all (yes, each one of us learnt something new) learnt what coding was, the different kinds of coding languages and completed a project with three selected coding languages.

Last year’s project was simple its completion gave the ‘Acers’ a whole lot of satisfaction and fulfilment. They could easily walk up to anyone, beat their chests and proudly say I too can code.’ The name ‘Acer’ was coined up for the first batch of young, budding coders at our Academy. To us, the name means an individual who aces everything handed over to them. These little angels lived by their batch name and aced the project of creating a calculator using a combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Our goal as Junior Academy remains to teach children to become innovative, creative and great technologists. We believe it is our duty to make sure the next generation of leaders are well equipped to think critically and asses whatever problem they are faced with.

The world is continuously changing at an alarming rate. The way it was even 5 years ago is not the way it is now. Leading the way in these changes coding and software development. It is important for anyone, especially children, to know and understand how skills in coding can upgrade whatever profession or goal your child wants to achieve.

This year, Junior Academy promises even more coding goodies for all students who enrol.

Are you interested in enrolling your kids in Junior Academy 2018, then call 030 341 1045/ 0264 591476 for more details.

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