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DreamOval Junior Academy – Our First Day of Class

DreamOval Junior Academy – Our First Day of Class

We don’t know about you but our excitement towards DOJA 2018 (DreamOval Junior Academy) is over the roof! We are finally transitioning from all the planning and training sessions for tutors and volunteers to the real deal. Everything was for one purpose, to meet this year’s students and empower them to read selected computer programming languages.

Junior Academy is a school.

At Junior Academy, children between the ages of 8-17 years are taught computer programming languages during a period of 8 Saturdays. Our mission is to equip the younger generation with the right skill sets to ensure continuity in innovation.

Junior Academy’s curriculum is structured for students to learn how to use simple coding tools. The academy’s ultimate goal is to get each student to understand and utilise these tools in their daily interactions with others such that they become critical thinkers and problem-solving oriented.

This Year’s Team

Last year was only successful because of the perfect blend of students, tutors, volunteers and organizers. This year’s team is listed below:

  • Francis – Organiser
  • Mina – Organiser
  • Keren – Organiser
  • Jessica – Tutor
  • Esther – Tutor
  • Arnold – Tutor
  • Priscilla – PR & Communications
  • Nana Peprah – Volunteer
  • Kelvin – Volunteer
  • Kobby – Volunteer

Day 1

At 10:00 am, students were gathered and already engrossed in projects from last year. You could literally see the fascination on the faces of new students as they looked keenly at the project students from last year worked on.

Francis, SVP of the DreamOval Foundation who are organisers of DOJA, gave an opening prayer and welcoming address to the students before tutors and volunteers dived in.

Here are pictures from our first day!

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