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10 Facts About TTTs and Africa Code Week in Ghana

10 Facts About TTTs and Africa Code Week in Ghana

Finally, August is here.

We are excited about two things – the weather and the fact that Africa Code Week isn’t too far off. Africa Code Week is a digital skills development initiative that has benefitted 1.8 million young Africans which is spearheaded by SAP.

Africa Code Week is only possible because of strong partnerships with the public, private and nonprofit sectors in participating African Countries. These partnerships are the driving force behind the initiative’s ambitious goals and ability to build community capacity in ICT education across an entire continent.

Here are 10 tips about TTTs and Africa Code Week in Ghana you should know.

  1. What does TTT stand for?

TTT is an abbreviation for Train-The-Teacher. These modules are structured into two-hour training sessions in Scratch for teachers. Teachers will then pass on knowledge gained from these trainings to pupils in their schools during the October event.

  1. Who organises TTTs in Ghana?

TTT modules are organized by the team from DreamOval Foundation in the run-up to October’s Africa Code Week (ACW).

  1. How long have ACW and TTTs been going on in Ghana?

Train-The-Teacher Modules and Africa Code Week began in 2016. The first year saw about 350 teachers trained and over 51,00 pupils equipped with knowledge on Scratch – a visual programming language and online community targeted primarily at children.

  1. Who sponsors Africa Code Week in Ghana?

ACW is an initiative of SAP which is actively supported by key partners such as UNESCO YouthMobile, Google and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

  1. Which institution in Ghana supports Africa Code Week and TTTs?

In Ghana, the Ghana Education Service (GES) supports Africa Code Week and TTTs. The Ministry of Education has also supported the initiative in previous years.

  1. How many teachers and students have been trained since 2016.

TTT modules have trained over 1,500 teachers. These teachers have trained over 180,000 pupils in Accra and Kumasi.

  1. Do TTTs and ACW occur in all regions in Ghana?

Presently, TTTs and ACW occur in Accra and Kumasi with plans of expanding to other regions.

  1. How many pupils and teachers were trained in 2017?

August 2017 saw 1,717 teachers in trained to use Scratch. These teachers trained over 130,000 students during ACW in October.

  1. Who is eligible to be trained in TTTs?

The primary focus of TTT is to train ICT teachers to teach their pupils. However, teachers in other subjects are sometimes admitted.

  1. Are females a part of the training?

A resounding yes! In 2017, 45% of pupils trained during Africa Code week were females.

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