Training – DreamOval Foundation


We are committed to ensuring a well equipped human resource force in our society. This we achieve through training

We offer expert training on acquiring ICT skills. Our curriculum is tailored to suit the specific needs of our trainees. We believe in excellence and so we execute our training with optimum efficiency and precision. Moreover, we value Hands-on sessions above all else. We offer an exceptional experience for our trainees. Our flagship training is iTeach which happens annually.

DoiTeach-212iTeach is a DreamOval Foundation initiative supported by GNAT to provide teachers with free basic ICT training. We believe that enhancing the capacity of human capital is intricately linked with providing quality education. The purpose of the training is that teachers will harness their newly acquired knowledge to enhance the teaching & learning experience in and out of the classroom.

During the training workshop teachers are introduced to the power of the INTERNET and tutored on how to utilize INTERNET tools to augment classroom work, improve their teaching skills and to employ INTERNET/ICT in general, for their personal development.

The training program focuses on the following category of teachers:

  • Registered members of GNAT
  • Teachers in Upper Primary and Junior High with an average age range between 25- 35years
  • Newly appointed teachers who are not too old to learn
  • Teachers from deprived schools in the specified district


DO Foundation Believes in The Creation, Sharing And Utilizing Of Knowledge