About – DreamOval Foundation


About The Foundation

The DreamOval Foundation manages all corporate social responsibility initiatives by DreamOval Ltd. It was set up as a legal separate entity during the first quarter of 2013 with the aim of using knowledge to create a better society in Ghana.  Our aim is to bridge the knowledge gap through the creation, sharing and utilization of knowledge with Education and Technology being our key focus areas.The Foundation is funded by a percentage of DreamOval Ltd’s profit after tax which is allocated towards the Foundation’s projects.

Our Vision

To use Knowledge to create a Better Society.
How we define Better:

  • Healthy
  • Efficient
  • Productive
  • Profitable
  • Fulfilled

Our Mission

To help Ghanaians live a more fulfilled life by facilitating the Creation, Sharing and Utilization of Knowledge

Our Objectives

  • To help improve the quality of education
  • To generate training programmes to equip the youth, entrepreneurs and business professionals with the knowledge they require for personal & professional development
  • To facilitate  technological research that inspires young minds and contributes to the positive advancement of the nation
  • To help Ghanaian youth realize and maximize their potential and to aid in confidence building

Our Values

  • Citizenship
  • Ethics
  • People Oriented
  • Action Oriented
  • Team Work
  • Knowledge
  • Leadership

Our Partners

DO Foundation Believes in The Creation, Sharing And Utilizing Of Knowledge