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Azumah Nelson

azuma-5Azumah Nelson was born on 19th July 1958. His first experience with boxing happened when his father took him to watch a match at the age of 6. He immediately took keen interest in the profession. He had a stellar amateur career, competing at the 1978 Commonwealth Games where he won a gold medal in the Featherweight class, and compiling an Amateur Record of 50-2.

Azumah Nelson made his first international bout at Madisen Square. The precocious youngster who, as a late replacement  with only 13 pro fights and just 17  days to prepare, dared to take on the mighty Salvador Sánchez!  And gave him the scare of his life before finally being overwhelmed in the 15th and final round!

From there his fame started spreading and his boxing career spiraled upwards never to decend.

As a pro, Azumah Nelson took on all comers. The two epic battles with Jeff Fenech, the four with Jesse James Leija, the two with Gabriel Ruelas, the two with Marcos Villasana. His one round demolition of Pat Cowdell, the epic war against lion-hearted Jim McDonnell at the Royal Albert Hall. Brave Jim got up from four knockdowns and was overcome by Azumah firing on all cylinders.

Charlie Magri, a former World Champion himself, doffed his hat to Azumah’s magnificence. Time and time again, his opponents have praised Azumah as the consummate professional, a gentleman, a road warrior who’d go to an opponent’s back garden…or the gates of hell, and still most of the time achieve a staggering, if not swaggering victory.

He is widely considered the greatest African boxer of all time, he held the WBC featherweight title once and the WBC super featherweight title twice.

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